Bianco was founded by René Piper Laursen in 1987 with a vision of developing an international brand based on a profitable franchise concept. Bianco offers fashion-forward footwear with sublime international standards and at an affordable price to a wider audience of women and men. Bianco is represented in more than 100 retail stores (a mix between own stores and franchise) and wholesalers in Scandinavia.


The Bianco chain is established.

Bianco launches a carefully planned design and import programme for shoes. At the same time, Bianco registers its new brand names, Bianco Man and Bianco Footwear (which replaces the Danish name "Bianco Sko").

The positioning of the brand name begins and all efforts are directed at refining the concept.

The Bianco University, Bianco's own training department, is established. A year later the first courses at the University are held.

Bianco is becoming a countrywide chain and the first national advertising campaign is conducted. The advertising campaign differs markedly from the usual campaigns organized by the industry and is termed a real success. The campaign "In his (or her) shoes" is nominated for an Epica Award.

The Bianco chain celebrates its 10th anniversary. The chain's two labels became established brand names. The concept has been refined and it is full steam ahead! Bianco International A/S is established to create synergy across international borders and efforts to export the concept begin. The first shop outside Denmark opens in March 1997 at the Centre of Oslo rapidly followed by others.

Bianco continues to provoke through its marketing campaigns and is rewarded yet again, this time with a nomination at the "New York Festivals". This is followed soon after by yet another nomination. This time, the panel of judges at "Detailbladet" nominates Bianco as "Retailer of the year 1998" in Denmark. As a result of the group's rapid growth, the main office in Kolding became too small and Bianco moved to a new headquarter in Kolding.

Bianco starts 1999 in a blaze of glory as the chain is named "Business of the Year" in Kolding in February. The price is awarded to a company whose outstanding initiative and drive has acted as an inspiration to others. The chain's rate of growth tops 40% for the third year running. There are now 43 Bianco shops in Denmark and 21 in Norway. The first shops open in Poland - 1 in Lodz and 2 in Warsaw. Sweden enters the fray starting with a shop in Malmö rapidly followed by another in Gothenburg.

Bianco continues to make a name for itself with its unusual and provocative marketing campaigns. This culminates in what is perhaps the most sensational, talked about and extensively discussed advertising campaign in the industry "We recommend a pair of really really beautiful shoes". The campaign is rewarded with a 'Silver Lion' at Cannes.

Manager and founder of the Bianco chain, René Piper Laursen, receives the prestigious “MMM Award” (Merchandising, Marketing and Management).

Once again Bianco is being noticed for its remarkable marketing campaigns. The spring campaign "Spreading Legs" is rewarded with another "Silver Lion" at Cannes May 2003.

Nominated for "The Franchise Company of the Year" by Dansk Franchisegiver Forening and the Danish newspaper "Børsen".

Winner of "The Franchise Company of the Year" by Dansk Franchisegiver Forening and the Danish newspaper "Børsen". Winner of "Advertiser of the Year" by Guldkorn, the Danish Advertising Award. Campaign: "Fall Collection.03" Winner of "Likestillingsprisen for reklame 2004" (Advertisement award of Gender Equality 2004) by "Centre for Likestillingssenteret" (Gender Equality) in Norway. Campaign: "How to afford the whole collection". Winner of "Diplom VovemodsPrisen 2004" by Dansk Reklame Film. Campaign: Fall.

The prestigious title as “Retail Chain of the Year” in Norway is awarded to Bianco by Nordic Council of Shopping Centers. Furthermore, Bianco are awarded Gazelle Company in Norway and “Cool brand of the year” by Superbrands.

Bianco.Gear – Bianco’s accessory line is introduced in the beginning of 2006. Bianco was "Guldkorn" nominated in the category "Campaign persistency".

Bianco was awarded a “True Award - best photo and internet campaign” for “The Devil Inside”. Bianco celebrated 20 years in Danmark and 10 years in Norway. Bianco shop no. 50 opened in Norway.

Bianco started up in the Middle East.

Mr. Detlev Meyer, founder of Street One (a franchising clothing chain) becomes Bianco partner. Bianco registers its new brand name Bianco (which replaces "Bianco Footwear").

Bianco and the Danish haut couture designer, David Andersen, make a limited and exclusive shoe collection.

Bianco launches the customer involvement campaign “Bianco Fashion Army”. Bianco invites customers to become insiders in the fashion industry and to be a part of creating shoes. Bianco has now more than 140 shops in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Middle East and Denmark.

Bianco launches the campaign concept “Artist Takeover”. The basic idea of the concept is that Bianco twice a year, give selected artists free rein to develop artwork for the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaign. This allows Bianco to support young artists and bring their creative energy and expression into the Bianco universe.

Winner of two Creative Circle Awards: “Poster design” for the Artist Takeover campaign “Miss Lotion x Bianco”, and “Art Direction” for our Artist Takeover “Bianco by PUTPUT”.