Bianco's unique concept differentiates it from other shoe shops. Bianco Footwear's collections are created in close cooperation with a number of carefully selected shoe designers and producers. The collections are characterized by an uncompromising tendency to follow or create the latest trend, as well as being produced using quality materials, guaranteeing the highest value for your money.

The collections are sold in Bianco Footwear's attractive shops following the franchise concept. The shops are all strategically placed in areas of high consumer traffic in order

In general, franchising offers many advantages, especially during the startup phase. A carefully tested concept, based on the know-how of the franchiser, guarantees that you won't make the mistakes that are so common for new business. In addition you obtain all the large-scale operation advantages that are available to a large business - guaranteed delivery, competitive prices, national marketing, etc. And of course you are guaranteed to be a part of a concept that is constantly in development.

The franchising idea originates in the US where the concept has been refined for more than 100 years. Experience shows that a much higher number of franchisees survive than independent new business start-ups in the retail market. Bianco Footwear supports the franchisees - all the way. As franchisee in Bianco Footwear you will receive all the necessary know-how through the franchise package. This includes education and detailed manuals about how to run a Bianco Footwear shop. The main areas of the franchise package are: The startup phase, planning, assortment, marketing, training/education, consulting services, and administrative support.

Every franchisee has joined the Bianco Footwear team with a unique personal background and motive. Thus, it is not the special, practical or theoretical background of the franchise profile, which is considered in the selection process. More important features are: Communication skills, sales ability, character, high energy level and a positive outlook of life, capable of identifying with the concept, and capital and healthy financial circumstances. It is of crucial importance that the partnership is a success for all people involved. Therefore, the period from the initial contact to the opening of the shop can be long. This extended period is absolutely necessary in order to reach the desired objectives and achieve good results.

If you wish to know more about becoming a Bianco Footwear franchisee take contact with one of our country managers.